Thursday, September 26, 2013

Scenic Ride To Falmouth , or Flight ???

Re-inventing The Web Platform

Google Has done it again ... Suprising All with
New Manufacturing brought back to United States , Texas plant's are in process ...  A / B Testing ...   Next. ...   unknown ...   Is Your region, a Good fit for Google.  ???

Google likes to be innovative ... 

TravelnTo Hyde Park , MA

Securing your Pets Future & Your's

PetMed Express: A Small-Cap Category Leader $PETS

I have been fortunate to own s  pet's over the years...  As a young boy growing up we have had dogs,cats,pheasants, rabbits ... and other's.
it provides responsibility for a child
at  an early age

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Its all Chinese to me ???

agents say...thats why we dont like pink sheet compa

Arsc completes merger agreement with ivoice fo

For Hydra Spinoff yet ,My 1,107,875 shares vanish according
To Utah transfer agent (are they kidding )  no Frank didn't pay his Bill....   Spoke with Manchester FBI/
Called Scottrade,

Shares are their

Tricking the Invester ???

Don't Try to trick invester's , Honesty Best Policy ...

Innovative ideas are Plentiful , honest individuals. ???
Like william merola has innovative ideas yet  because of my Google affiliation I will not move forward due too the smothering off ide

as which Google is good at .. itKs all a learning curve... Just like learning how to ride s bike ..

TravelnToTexas / Investor assistance needed...

                     Travelñ To Texas

New life Begins in Texas

... ring ring pick-up or delivery ???

Phone rings , Answer it ... Hello ... can you hear me ?

Many companies have gone through the Growth Maze which confronts innovative organizations...

Some are able to adapt

However it is trying on many as the learning curve is understood ..

Fortunately to, we have attourneys who will not only assist / to resolve issues, I will be contacting the standard Registrar and Transfer company, to receive underwriter insurance info for my claim....
Traveln To Utah ...

Overcast on the Horizon... It'l burn OFF

AT&T Offers A 5.25% Dividend Yield And Consistent Share Buybacks $T, $VZ

Securing Future dividends

TeliaSonera Offers A Sustainable 5.8% Yield $TLSNY.PK, $TKC, $VZ, $VOD, $ORAN

Traveln To Weymouth MA

     On any Given Night, a Young College student would drive from Easton , Mass to South Shore Hospital in Weymouth Mass.  Although just a Volunteer, he was compelled to help other's where he could...    Most Hospitals welcome Volunteer's , especially student's ...   Giving those who are willing to volunteer their Time, to help the Community in some small way...  A view of just how these groups are able to keep a Community Healthy ...


Monday, September 2, 2013

Ring Ring , Pick up or Delivery ???

Good Day , A bit Wet this morning n the NorthEast cars be cautious traveln .... Always be a little wide eyed , have coffee ready for your rides